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Professional Development

Professional Development For the Human Resources projects success it is essential a management work that promotes the active engagement of all employees. To implement these programs, a set of actions is needed and must be developed with the support of senior management.

To this end, the development of employees at all levels of the company is essential. For the success of training and development is important that there is an alignment of knowledge teams.

Professional Development Contents


  • Style and leadership behavior
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Administration time (increasing productivity)
  • Communication (methods to improve communication)
  • Teamwork (planning, organization, processes, goals, motivation)
  • Organizational culture (rituals, heroes, values , sagas)
  • Diversity (ethics, behaviors, perceptions)
  • Conflict resolution (negotiation)
  • Planning and execution of meetings
  • Excellence in service (identification, indicators of success)
  • Management goals (definition, alignment, prioritization, responsibilities, monitoring)
  • Selection process and shutdown (selection interview, the care process demissional)
  • Leadership Development
  • Integration teams
  • Creativity
  • Feedback