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Organizational Climate
Organizational Climate

"The major advantage of Dedix Organizational Climate Survey methodology is the use of statistical technics in the analysis of the data. Using statistics it’s possible to guarantee 99% confidence that the research data is valid and can be generalized to the entire population of the organization.

Statistics provides as a differential the guidance to where to invest existing resources in the action plan of the changes. Often the action plan describes an implementation cost that exceeds the available budget.

Using statistic it’s also possible to identify which organizational variables impact the most into the employee satisfaction and thereby direct existing resources for those variables that actually make bigger difference to the organization and its employees".

The Importance of Climate Survey

The Organizational Climate Survey is a great tool for Strategic Management for those who know the importance of having a focus on people management as it allows the analysis and monitoring of satisfaction and commitment of employees to the organization.

In an era of global and local competitiveness, the ability of an organization to build a motivating work environment, is rapidly emerging as the most important criterion for organizational performance.

People management requires careful survey of the functional differences that may be encountered in practice. The Organizational Climate Survey is a way to map the internal environment of the company, thus creating effective action plans to improve the work environment.

Advantages of Organizational Climate Survey

  • Optimize communication.
  • Identify satisfactions and dissatisfactions.
  • Integrate workforce.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Identify training needs and development.
  • Enable the creation of managerial actions.

Steps for Organizational Climate Survey Diagnosis